Who do I contact to report a **streetlight that is not working**?

* First get the identifying number from the pole at the streetlight.  Then contact National Grid at [www.nationalgridus.com/streetlight][4] and fill out the form to report the broken light.


I hear that there is a vibrant **community organization** in Hawley-Green.  How can I join?

* To join, contact Katie at kdcnilsen@aol.com or visit our "Contact Us" page on this website.


Medical contact numbers** in the neighborhood or nearby?

* St. Joseph’s Hospital 301 Prospect Ave 448-5111

* Crouse Hospital 736 Irving Ave 470-7411

* University Hospital 750 East Adams St. 464-8668

* Berry Good Dental Care 325 University Ave 476-3552

* Compassionate Family Medicine 311 Green St 425-1431


What **buses** run in the neighborhood?

* Centro Bus can give you bus routes – They are located 200 Cortland Ave. 442-3420

* The is also a free shuttle for S.U. and ESF students that stops in the Hawley-Green Neighborhood on days that S.U. is in session. For a schedule, view the #33 Bus James/E. Genesee route at http://parking.syr.edu


What’s the story regarding **trash pickup**?

* Trash and recycling is picked up every Monday morning unless it is a major holiday in which case the pickup is Tuesday. Trash should not be placed out until Sunday after 5:00 pm. Brush debris is picked up in the fall and spring – for a schedule contact DPW at 448-2489 or visit www.syrgov.net/Trash Pickup - Residential.aspx Bulk pickups (furniture or large items) should not be placed out unless you have first called DPW at 448-2489.

* Some notes regarding recycling are:  No Styrofoam; no plastic bags, only plastic containers that are marked with a 1, 2 or 5, make sure papers are secure so they don’t fly away on windy days, rinse items prior to recycling.

What are the **rules for parking** in Hawley-Green?

By 6:00 PM each evening you must move your car to the side of the street that matches the date. On days with even dates (like March 2nd or July 24th) you must move your car to the side of the street where the house addresses are even and vice versa for odd dates. It is usually ok to move your vehicle as early as 5:00 pm. Don’t get caught moving your car on the 31st of the months – these are two odd days in a row.

Where do I **mail** items?

Post offices are located at 226 Teall and 2509 James Street; there is a mail box located on the corner of Catherine and Green Street. You can also attach mail visibly to you home mailbox and the postal carrier will mail them for you.


What are contact numbers in case of **police emergency**?

* Emergency 911

* Police Non-emergency 442-5111

* Tops East Local Police 263-6133

* Dog control 473-6608


Where are closest **libraries**?

* Central Library 447 S. Salina St

* Northeast Community Center 716 Hawley Ave.

* White Branch Library 763 Butternut St


Is there a **neighborhood Facebook** page?

* Yes - see [https://www.facebook.com/groups/366062420130018/][5]


Other** Contacts?

* National Grid (electric Company) 800-642-4272

* Syracuse School District 435-4161

* City of Syracuse 448-CITY
* Spectrum Cable 634-6000