Hawley-Green Happenings

The purpose of this page is to give a little more detail regarding the many activities that go on in the Hawley-Green Neighborhood.  For a complete listing of the events this year, visit our "Events" page.  For more detail regarding events in Hawley-Green and in the Northside of Syracuse in general, visit the news page at www.nehda.org.

Neighborhood Garage Sale
This year marked the first annual community garage sale.  23 families participated with about 250 visitors coming to the neighborhood to shop.  Held Saturday and Sunday of the weekend before Memorial Day weekend, this was so successful we plan to make it an annual event!

Welcome Brunches
Hawley-Green Neighbors is proud to announce the continuation of our Welcome Brunches.  These 2 brunches will be held in the Dolores Community Garden, located behind 403-409 Howard Street. On Sunday June 11 and Sunday September 10, Neighbors welcome new residents and then new students to the neighborhood. All are asked to bring a dish to pass or some ingredients for omelets and then watch as your omelet is made right in front of you! 1147 have been eaten so far!  10 am until 1 pm.  Hope to see you there!

Neighborhood Barbeque
NEW THIS YEAR - A mid-summer chance to meet your neighbors and friends.  Held in the Dolores Community Garden (behind 403-409 Howard Street) July 9 from 1 until 4 pm. Hot dogs and burgers and whatever comes with the dish you bring to pass.

Appreciation Picnic
Held this year on Tuesday July 18 at the Clinton Playlot on Gertrude and Lodi Streets from 5-8 PM. This is the Community's chance to come together and thank all the many players who have helped make our community such a great place to live. Hot dogs and drinks served - bring a dish to pass to add to the pickings!

Neighborhood Meetings
Monthly Neighborhood meetings are held the third Tuesday of most months at which there are invited speakers, police reports, and a place to learn about the current happenings in the community.  Held at 101 Gertrude Street (NEHDA offices) from 6-7 PM. Great place to meet your neighbors and let your concerns be known.

House Tours
House tours will be held this year on June 17 and October 28 (Hawley-Green Legends Tour).  This is a chance to take a guided tour and visit some of the Victorian homes in Hawley-Green.

Neighborhood Cleanups
Organized by NEHDA - there will be 2 this year - April 22 9:30 until 1 pm. Meet at Laci's Tapas Bar parking lot 306 Hawley Avenue. Call Rachel to register to save time at 315-415-0728 or contact her at rachel@nehda.org.

2nd Clean up is more informal.  October 7 10 am - meet at Laci's Tapas Bar parking lot 306 Hawley Ave. at 10 am and/or clean up at your own location.

Holiday Caroling - December 10 from 7 until 8:30 PM
If you haven't gone caroling in your life, this is a must.  A lot of fun! Bring a flashlight and dress appropriately for the weather.  We do stop in to a few homes to warm up. This is a perfect opportunity to have the entire family join in.  Hope to see you there! Meeting this year at Syracuse Soapworks, 226 Hawley Avenue, corner of Hawley and Catherine Street.

Check the events calendar on this website for more particulars on these happenings.